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Technical Details/SDS

Understanding Heat Transfer Into Buildings

It can be difficult to understand why radiant barrier products work in buildings. We made this video to try and explain it in a way most people can relate to. We hope this will answer many of your questions and take the mystery out of why our HeatBloc products work.

Testing Information
RIMA, the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association, performed testing of the most widely used IRCCS, Interior Radiation Control Coating Systems, otherwise known as attic radiant barrier coatings. The test results show that HeatBloc is the most effective coating on the market. Click to see pdf report.

Effects on Roof Shingles
A regular concern with the use of radiant barriers that are applied to the roof decking is: Does it have a negative effect on the life or warranty of the shingles? Again, RIMA has produced a report explaining that there is no detrimental effect to roof shingles and that it should not invalidate a shingle warranty. However, you should check your warranty and contact the manufacturer to verify their particular warranty requirements. Click here to read pdf report.

Tech Data sheet:

HeatBloc-Ultra 2 Component

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HeatBloc-Ultra PartA
HeatBloc-Ultra Part B